torsdag 10 februari 2011

Empire Total War

I just started a new Grand Campaign as the Maratha Confederacy, for you that dont know who those are, they are the hindu faction in india, they fought with the Muslim Mughals for control over india in the 18th century. The mughals had been controlling india but their power had started to decline, so the Indians saw an oportunity to free themselves from their Muslim rulers, and they took it, ofcourse this was twarted by those pesky brits coming and grabbing it all for themselves! Now Im about 10 rounds into the game and i already control most of mainland India. Right now I´m pausing my conquests to consolidate my territories, Once that is done, beware world, a new Player in the fight for control of the world will emerge.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Always wanted to get into that game. How are you enjoying it?

  2. haha seems pretty cool! looking forward to what else is going to be posted

  3. lol step should be mars!!